Rongey Guitar Studio

Guitar instruction - beginner to advance


Learn how to play acoustic and electric guitar in whatever genre you wish to learn. No previous knowledge of music is necessary. We can learn from very beginner to advanced. With a Masters degree in Music, I feel comfortable teaching at any level.


Ukulele is a fun instrument to play. With only four strings it is a simple instrument to get started on or learn how to write your own music with a stringed accompaniment. Lessons review notes, chords and strumming patterns. 

Electric Bass

Bass guitar is different from guitar but a very important instrument and is the backbone of any band. Learn notes and rhythms for any type of music.

Business Hours

Monday - Thursday

09:00 am – 08:00pm


09:00 am – 04:00pm

Saturday - Sunday



Individual Private - 30 min 



Private lesson at Rongey Guitar Studio

Individual Private - 1 hr 



Private lesson at Rongey Guitar Studio

Individual Virtual - 30 min



Private lesson online through Zoom

Group - 1 hr


   $45 + $5/person

Private group lesson at Rongey Guitar Studio for up to 5 people

Group - 30 min


25 +$5/person

Private group lesson at Rongey Guitar Studio for up to 5 people


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